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Default Re: Countdown to the Age of Ultron

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
It just seemed really weird. Out of nowhere she's driving a Lambo up a mountainside racing Pietro. Like, lol.

And I haven't read anything regarding their pay yet, I didn't even realize they got paid. I thought mooching off his pent house was enough.

Back in the beginning, Tony donated use of the Stark Mansion in New York to the team and at some point gave the members a stipend for being on the team full time. He also kicked in for room and board, the services of the human butler Jarvis, all of those multi-million dollar Quinjets and all of their tech. The money came from the Maria Stark Foundation, set up to support the team in the name of Tony's late mother. Some members were independently wealthy (like Jan) or had other jobs to support themselves. But folks like Wanda & Pietro, Hawkeye and others were heroes by definition and either had no other skills or no time to use them, so Stark paid them.

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