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Default Re: The Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Merchandise

Originally Posted by droidwarrior View Post
I think Disney are trying to sabotage X-Mens audience awareness

Think about it, there is no X-Men cartoon at the moment, no X-Men games scheduled and hardly any X-Men movie merchandise.
Thats been going on for quite some time, why do you think Wolverine and The Xmen stopped, and the current x comics are completely unrecognizable net to the movies.

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
There's definitely room for a deal to be made, and hopefully the studios will reach an agreement that will allow both the FOX X-Men franchise and the MCU to thrive going forward.
Nope. Disney and Fox have even bigger stuff they're beefing over. Even Star Wars. btw by 2020 Episode 4 will be the hardest film to find on the planet... Fox own the rights.

Also the only way Xmen can go forward if is the next film grosses around $800 million. Otherwise Fox will end up spinning-off films out off nowhere, and if Wolverine is grossing $350million, imagine what XForce would do. Im pretty scared over F4, that's not a spin-off of anything (and what i've gathered Marvel had to "ok" the kingpin being leased from Sony to fox, and a short Wolverine "likeness" cameo got scrapped from the first F4 [its on YT], so I imagine all this talk of the characters being in the same universe is gonna get stamped on by disney by claiming fox are exploiting the rights)

The only deal I could see Fox and Disney doing, is Fox selling the Rights back to Disney and co-producing X-films, and getting a fee when an X-Character appears in other movies. Why on earth would Disney try to aid their competition, Disney have can make once obscure characters outgross spidey, If I were Disney I would remove all the MARVEL branding (which fox seems to be making bigger) from fox posters and trailers, It's time to do some business.

Originally Posted by Panther X View Post
The solution is pretty straight forward. They should let go of the Fantastic Four film rights in exchange for the X-Men merchandise rights in order to improve awareness when creating their expanding X-universe.
So disney should give up the Merchandising rights to 100's of characters (let's face it, only one character sold), for the film rights to 4 of the most dullest characters ever. Honestly Disney would make more cash from wolverine toys.

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