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Default Re: The Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Merchandise

Disney Is not going to make any deal with fox.Disney's solution now adays is eather buying out companys to make money not make deals with other studios.

Marvel did try to make deal with fox to get galactus and silver surfer back in exchance for daredevil,a character neither studio Is desperate to do anything with,they never had much desire for FF themselves.

Disney and fox co-producing films Is pipedream.Disney killed the star wars 3-d releases
and come 2020 you will never see original Star wars trilogy sets again.Till 2020 Fox remains distributer of episode 1-3,5,and 6.But Fox owns Episode 4.

Since disney bought marvel there has been almost no merchadize for X-Men films.Disney Is doing all they can to hurt X-Men films.I am not even getting into what the comics are like these days.

and people wonder why I don't like disney owning Marvel and Lucasfilm.They have proven my concerns.

Plus marvel under disney has hurt X-Men brand.What would happen If they got them back? How do you expect X-Men to come back from all the damage that has been done to
X-Men due to Disney.

Plus fox didn't start putting marvel logo on just after the avengers came out.

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