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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by JKKS085 View Post
Even in two weeks, that's just impossible (and even Avengers and TDK got only 1 week for their respective reexpandings, not two).

Truth is a reexpanding rarely translates into a significant jump in the average revenue per theater, that's a fact. MoS' current weekly average sits around $2,000 in 365 theaters. Even if it gets reexpanded in a 1,000 theaters (wich is unlikely at this point) and if the w. average climbs to $2,500 , that's barely an additionnal 2.5 millions to the domestic cume. And 7,5 millions to go to reach the 300 millions.

300 millions won't happen. You guys should let that dream go.
First off I'm not saying it IS going to make $300 million but it will certainly add a couple of million with a limited re-release which is nothing to sneeze at. Also TDK RE- release was after it had been out on Bluray/DVD for a while so I would expect MOS to do a little better.

The average you are stating for MOS in those 365 Theaters is basically dollar theaters. A re-release would be in first run or IMAX theaters and the tickets will be 3-4 times as much as the $3 that I payed last week. Lastly come January if MOS is up for enough Oscar nominations ( technical/score etc not acting writing) WB might roll it out again.

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