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Default Re: the TIMELINE thread

Was reading an intersting write-up of the cartoon Days of Future Past story which slammed so many aspects of that episode. Was pretty much dead on. For those who want a chuckle, here's the link:

Anyway, this was the episode where Bishop was sent back to stop Gambit from murdering someone, which caused the dystopian future where the Sentinals ruled and a 9 foot adamantium skeleton is sitting in a pod filled with fluid.

So, this got me thinking about all of the various takes on Days of Future Past. The original comic was pretty straight forward, as far as timeline stories go. Simply the future is bad, send Kate's mind back into Kitty's body, stop the murder, life is good.

Same in many ways for this bad cartoon version. The future is bad, send Bishop (his body, mind and soul) back, stop the murder, life is good.

I then realized how different the story is as far as the Days of Future Past movie and why...

See, in all of the other stories you started in the future and traveled to the present to stop the murder. In these stories the murder (which is the cause of the future problems) hasn't happened yet.

But in the DOFP movie they want to use both the present and past characters, while also changing the history of what we've been shown. This makes the story so much more difficult.

The main difference is that in these past stories the dystopian Sentinal aspect isn't until the future, but was caused by the present. But for this movie it is (assumed) a dystopian future caused by the past. And this is a past that we've come to know, or at least have a general understanding of since we have seen a few versions of the present (in X1, X2, X3, Origins and The Wolverine), in which the past has already happened.

See in all of these others the Sentinals were just starting to become a problem in the present and becomes a much bigger problem in the future. Stop the murder in the present and you stop the problems in the future. But now all of the problems are supposedly from the past (Sentinals first released in 1973), but we've never seen any of this.

So, what's my point?

The point is that in the other stories it's simple to say something WILL be bad in the future because of something that WILL happen in the present. Stop that thing in the present from happening and the bad future is fixed. But this story takes it to a much more difficult level...

Now we have a timeline that has already been shown, and guess what, no Sentinals. Now we're being shown that Sentinals were released in 1973, 40 years ago. So in order to do this it now takes three timelines, if not four, to tell the story.

See, in the cartoon and the original comic it was just the future and the present. But now the timeline will need to include the thing that they are trying to stop (assumed to be the release of the Sentinals in 1973), something that must have happened prior to that point (some change of events that caused Trask to want to devote so much time to anti-mutant technology), the present and possibly even the future (where will Bishop come from).

So here are the questions that I've asked to come to this realization...

- How does present Xavier and present Magneto know that they need to fix the past?

This is a very important question. It can't be from what is going on outside since we haven't seen anything of a real Sentinal in any of the movies (that Danger Room one doesn't count - wasn't real). Yet some how they know that they need to send Wolvie back to 1973. So this leads to the question:

- Have they been contacted from someone in the future?

Could Professor X have been contacted by his future self or a future Bishop and told of how bad things will be?

But if that's the case, then you get this question:

- Have Sentinals been around since 1973 and we were never shown? Are we supposed to believe that at no time did any of the X-Men, or even their villains, see, discuss, read about, etc.; the Sentinals who have been roaming the streets for the past 30-40 years? In fact we were already shown the President and other officials who were just starting to get worried, not having known about this issue for the past 30 years.

So if that's the case, then:

- Isn't it logical then to conclude that Trask and his Sentinals were not part of the normal timeline?

And if that's a fair question, then it starts getting very weird, with questions like:

- So was Xavier/Magneto contacted from a different reality or timeline than the one we've been shown?

In fact, this leads to questions on how timelines work in the movie X-universe, such as:

- If someone changes the timeline in the past does the present change around you, or does your timeline stay the same but a new one get created, or worse, does your timeline cease to exist, being replaced by the new one.

But if that was the case, then:

- If your timeline just ceases to exist wouldn't it be instantaneous, so you wouldn't have time to send someone back to fix the timeline.

Anyway, it's going to be very interesting to see how they set up the need to send Wolvie back. If all of a sudden Sentinals have been around since 1973 and no one has ever said a word and we've never been shown, then I'm going to lost all respect for Singer.

Look, I think it's cool that they are trying to create a movie that includes both casts, but things would have been so much easier if it was just the dystopian future and the present. They want both casts, but that's going to be almost impossible to do right. Unless they just have Sentinals roaming around and try to convince us that this is how it's always been, then this story is going to be tough. Are they going to explain how Xavier knows that he needs to change the past? Are they going to explain how they know it's 1973? Are they going to explain that something was altered in the past to change the timeline?

Really, the best way they could have done this is show the present characters just doing their thing and then all of a sudden the present changes around the one character that we're with. That way the audience was shown that something has changed. Now the story works. The new present characters realize that something was changed and someone has to go back and fix it. That person goes back, fixes the change, comes back to the present, and possibly some things are different (butterfly effect) and some of the wrongs of X1-3 and Origins are righted.

But unfortunately, so far, based on the mid-credits scene from the Wolverine and what we've seen online, they aren't going this route, meaning I'm starting to worry about this movie's story.

It's got to be either the present changes around the characters, showing the past has been changed and needs to be fixed.


The Sentinals have been around since 1973 and somehow we have never seen or heard about them in any of the movies we've been shown.

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