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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 3

Sorry if I wasn't able to answer your questions, I've been out for a while. So...

@pllagunos: The aluminum is the tube, and the I used an aluminum duct-work tape to insulate the heat against the spinneret. Aluminum is metal, and thus conducts heat well, but also aluminum is one of the better common heat conductors.

@Spider_Craft: The valve and button are simple. Basically, the (solenoid) valve is a piston that moves upward and unblocks the path for the fluid to pass. This piston moves by being pulled up through an electromagnetic coil. That's where the button comes in... you use the button attached to a battery to regulate the electricity that powers the electromagnetic coil. You just connect the negative side of the battery to the negative wire of the solenoid. Then you connect the positive side of the battery to one terminal of the button, and then connect the positive terminal of the solenoid to the other terminal of the button. Usually the solenoid should take 12V, but I have been getting by with a normal 9V battery. Even rechargable ones work. Also, the spinneret is really just any hole or orifice or collection of such holes that will shape the polymer when it is extruded. So really, all you need for a spinneret is something with a hole in it, that is smaller than the tube coming out of the shooter.

@StarterSpider: That's not really going to work. If you put the bottle down on your arm like that, the fluid will go down with gravity, onto the side wall of the bottle. The straw doesn't reach there, and so it will not draw out the fluid. Also, like was said on your Yahoo Answers thing, you will need pressure to draw out the fluid... however, this, once again, will not work with the spray bottle, because the spray bottle is the thing that generates the pressure already without modification, with a plunger system in the pump just below the head of the sprayer. But if you really won't let go of the spray bottle thing, redirect the tube to the side wall that will be down on your wrist, and keep the bottle full at all times, or at least close to full. Then use a pulley system attached to the spray actuator, put a string and a wheel on it to redirect the pulling force to your hand, then cut off the atomizer and stick a tube where it was, and redirect it outward where you want to shoot.

Well, I solved the solidification complex of the formula. It now solidifies immediately after leaving the shooter. The video of Project Update 4 will be up shortly.

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