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Default Re: Incredible Hulk 2

Originally Posted by venom892 View Post
I want The Leader in the next Hulk film. His plan can be similar to the Gamma World arc from Earth's Mightiest Heroes. That would be an easy way to introduce both She-hulk and gamma irritated Samson to the MCU.
Agreed, but how? MCU Hulk is a mixture between gamma radiation and a replication of the SSS. Without the SSS as a cataclyst ther would be no Hulk (or Abomb for that matter) so how create a Gamm World like incident when the SSS is not available or has to be injected painfully in every person to be changed? Sure, they could use Hulks blood instead. It worked for the Leader, but still, the problem is the distribution of that component. Drinking won't do, or else we would have a hulked out Stan Lee jumping around anywhere in the MCU

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