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Default Re: The Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Merchandise

Originally Posted by GenUsername View Post
Nope. Disney and Fox have even bigger stuff they're beefing over. Even Star Wars. btw by 2020 Episode 4 will be the hardest film to find on the planet... Fox own the rights.
It'd be wise for Disney and FOX to start small by negotiating an FF and X-Men deal before attempting to reach an agreement on Star Wars.

Also the only way Xmen can go forward if is the next film grosses around $800 million. Otherwise Fox will end up spinning-off films out off nowhere, and if Wolverine is grossing $350million, imagine what XForce would do. Im pretty scared over F4, that's not a spin-off of anything (and what i've gathered Marvel had to "ok" the kingpin being leased from Sony to fox, and a short Wolverine "likeness" cameo got scrapped from the first F4 [its on YT], so I imagine all this talk of the characters being in the same universe is gonna get stamped on by disney by claiming fox are exploiting the rights)

The only deal I could see Fox and Disney doing, is Fox selling the Rights back to Disney and co-producing X-films, and getting a fee when an X-Character appears in other movies. Why on earth would Disney try to aid their competition, Disney have can make once obscure characters outgross spidey, If I were Disney I would remove all the MARVEL branding (which fox seems to be making bigger) from fox posters and trailers, It's time to do some business.
Certainly, Disney/Marvel could choose the nuclear option, do everything in their power to kill off the X-Men series, give up any hope of reaching an agreement on Star Wars and then try to resurrect the characters they worked so hard to destroy once the rights revert. But since FOX is likely to continue releasing X-Men movies for the rest of our lifetimes, it would make sense for Marvel (and FOX) to buy a piece of the action. The FOX X-Men series isn't a threat to the MCU, and Disney would be foolish to treat it as such.

So disney should give up the Merchandising rights to 100's of characters (let's face it, only one character sold), for the film rights to 4 of the most dullest characters ever. Honestly Disney would make more cash from wolverine toys.
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