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Default Re: Steven Spielberg calls the Nolan Batman movies beautiful art films

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post

Go to 4:42 on the video. He says they're very successful well told stories, but also beautiful visual art films. I think that's really a great compliment coming from someone of Spielberg's status.
Thanks for that. A fascinating interview all around. I think Nolan is the closest the new generation has to a Spielberg. While their aesthetics and interests are worlds apart, they both understand how to find depth, beauty and even art in the commercial. And they're both hated by purist cinephiles (and the Academy) for it.

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
It's a good thing filmmakers don't have short term memories. Unlike fanboys.
Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
I absolutely believe that the trilogy will stand the test of time and be respected for a long time to come as an example of quality within the category of superhero movies. It will probably be quite a while before there is another series that rivals its artistic excellence, though I'm eager to see what it'll be when it comes.
It is funny to see how quick comic fanboys turn on it. For fans of film, at least those without high pretensions on what qualifies as a "film," these are going to be a benchmark IMO, not unlike Jaws, the original Star Wars trilogy and Raiders of the Lost Ark. A pinnacle that will be hard to reach, much less top.

In the immediate years, fans will turn on these films because they'll have a new series. But as time passes, I suspect the Nolan trilogy will still stand tall, high above the genre for decades to come.

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