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Default Re: The Justice League Casting Thread - Part 7

Here are my thoughts on the JL casting.

Wonder Woman

Because of the insane backlash against Affleck as Batman, which is ridiculous, I think that they're going to play this one safe. One thing I have noticed with these big superhero castings, is that there are always three groups: the ones the studio reveals is on their short list, the fan/internet favorite, and the one that comes completely left-field. This one is going to be the fan fav Gemma Arterton.

The Flash

The one thing that people that are outraged against the casting of Ben Affleck should realize one thing, he is a huge player in Hollywood. So huge that people who may not have been interested in ever being part of a superhero movie may have a change of heart. Case in point for this could be another fan favorite, Ryan Gosling. Although I would rather have Ben McKenzie as Barry and even more so, Garrett Hedlund as Wally, Gosling is a big name, a hell of an actor and a fan/internet darling. While I never understood why people always mentioned him for Batman casting, he is damned near perfect for Barry Allen. Now, with Ben Affleck, one of Hollywood's biggest golden boys right now, the chances of Gosling joining the League is looking up. I am now on board for that.

Green Lantern

This one is going to be real simple, if they decide to go with Hal Jordan, there is no question in my mind that Ryan Reynolds will reprise the role. However, I think WB will want to get as far away from that film and Reynolds as they can. That means that they may decide to go with John Stewart, and if they go with Stewart, Idris Elba is the guy.

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