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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Originally Posted by ЯɘvlveR View Post
on the flipside, we should expect more of the destruction that so many people seem to have gotten upset about with an idiot like bizarro. may be even worse.
Fair enough. Whereas a Metallo or any Krptonite villain can bring Superman (and the destruction) down a notch.

But I feel like regardless of the villain, it's something that the filmmakers simply have to make note of. Set the battles out of the city.

Also, Bizarro shines a light on Superman's destruction in MOS. It's a twisted version / magnification on the potential for Superman to cause so much destruction. Supes can now see that, in Bizarro, and make an attempt to stop it. Can Superman trust someone with that much power? What about himself?

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