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Default Re: Incredible Hulk 2

Originally Posted by Spider-Cross View Post
A few days ago when he mentioned more Hulk and Hawkeye in Phase Three
Feige didn't confirm that there will be another Hulk movie. All he said was that Marvel like Ruffalo as Banner and wants to explore more stories with him.

Either way, Feige was quick to point out that he's still keen to exploit the popularity of the Hulk ("I think we have something special with our Mark Ruffalo Banner, and we'd love to see where we could take his stories"), adding that the Green Goliath will have "a significant role" in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Feige only confirms interest in Hulk and that he'll play a big part in AoU. He never said anything about more Hulk films. If you were referring to another quote you should provide a link.

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