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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Given that we saw the IG in Odin's treasure room in the first film, I'm hoping for a Thanos/Odin confrontation at some point. I'm not sure if they've ever fought in the comics. I wonder who is stronger?

Generally it's an even fight for the first part, with Odin seemingly having an advantage. When Odin brings out the heavy artillery to channel his power he starts to take over.

Thanos has been upgraded since then, but what I got from it is that Thanos is durable enough to hang with guys on that level (this fight, the fight with Tyrant) but not quite offensively powerful enough to do much damage.

So given where Thanos is now, I'd say at this point he'd give Odin a decent fight, but if they fight till a KO, Odin drops him every time.
Originally Posted by Neo_3 View Post
you posted it wrong ma dude. See my above post

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Odin's more powerful than Thanos. Odin's up there with Galactus, actually. His power level fluctuates a lot, but he recently fought Galactus and looked like he was on pretty even footing. Thor also dented the Silver Surfer's head with a headbutt in that fight.

As annoying as the leak about Thor losing his hand is, I have to admit, if they went the King Thor route and had him strap on the Destroyer's hand in its place, that would be f***ing awesome.
I feel calling him a peer of galactus is generous :P

I am not fully sold on the whole "losing hand thing", I saw the leaked footage. Something about it seemed very dream like. As if it was, well, a dream, or a vision.

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