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Default Re: The Justice League Casting Thread - Part 7

Wonder Woman:
Gemma Arterton hasn't impressed me in anything I've seen her in, so I'm not sure about her. I guess I would go with Emily Blunt, since I am a fan of her as an actress and I think she's capable of playing the role. I could also see them going with an actress like Gina Carano if they want someone who's comfortable with stunt work.

Green Lantern:
I'm hopping on the "Idris Elba for Jon Stewart" bandwagon. I really think that Jon will be the Green Lantern they use in JL just to make the team more diverse. If they do that, Elba is the man for the job. Marvel had their chance at casting him as Black Panther and they missed it. The man needs to play a superhero (Heimdall doesn't count). As for the other Lanterns, they could always bring in Hal Jordan and Guy Gardener in solo GL films. I'd rather they recast Hal, even though I don't think Reynolds wants to come back anyway. But I would love to see Mark Strong as Sinestro still, especially since it's looking like he won't be playing Luthor. If Michael Gough could play Alfred in different Batman films that don't particularly follow the same canon, then I don't think it's too much of a stretch for Mark Strong to play Sinestro again, albeit in a different incarnation of Green Lantern.

The Flash:
I'd like to see Flash be the funny one like he was on the JL cartoon, so an actor with good comedic timing would be key. Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be great. Aaron Paul too.

I could see them reaching for Matt Damon with this one. Aquaman is treated like a joke as it is, so they would need to get an A-lister to play him just on principle.

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