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Default Re: William Fitchner IS The Shredder

Originally Posted by SpideyFan866 View Post
Danny Woodburn isn't really a known actor.

and if he is doing the voice, so what? As long as he gives a good performance, who gives a ****?
He isn't exactly a complete unknown either and they wouldn't hire someone who is reasonably well known for just motion capture.

A good performance of what though? There are some actors that have great range and are capable of playing very different roles but Woodburn from what I've seen him in always plays a course sounding American that it makes me think that's just his 'thing' and wonder if that's what they're changing the character of Splinter into.

Originally Posted by Fanged-Hunter View Post
The more I'm seeing about the movie information, the more I'm starting to wonder....

Is Fichtner REALLY playing Shredder? When asked if his character was Japanese, Fichtner kind of hesitated and said he thought it would be better to see how things unfold in the movie.

Could they actually be setting us up with a proxy Shredder who is defeated at the end and sets the stage for Oroku Saki to come to New York himself in a sequel? Sort of how Ken Watanabe was billed as Nolan's Rhas al Ghul only for Liam Neeson to actually be the real Rhas?

So much info seems to be giving honorable nods to the comics, cartoon, and past movies while still setting up its own direction, I just can't help but wonder if Fichtner isn't really playing THE Shredder we're thinking of.
He's made it clear he's playing Shredder. We have no news on casting of an asian actor or even someone who could pass as a more action ready character as we would normaly imagine the Shredder to be. Given Fichtner is good friends with Bay I'd imagine they'd angle for him to the real deal as opposed to a phoney.

Also I don't care for the idea that every movie will have a unique villain that also happens to be 'The Shredder'. The 2k3 series tried this to some degree but by the time we got to BTTS I was done with the character.

Do we also want every movie to have the Shredder as the antoganist? I'm steeling myself that it's likely that will happen anyway but I'd rather it didn't.

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