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Default Re: the TIMELINE thread

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
Was reading an intersting write-up of the cartoon Days of Future Past story which slammed so many aspects of that episode. Was pretty much dead on. For those who want a chuckle, here's the link:
Whaaaaa. I will tolerate no shade being thrown on TAS. They actually handled the time travel stuff pretty well. And they managed to use Cable and Bishop in ways that didn't make my brain glaze over in confusion.

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
Really, the best way they could have done this is show the present characters just doing their thing and then all of a sudden the present changes around the one character that we're with. That way the audience was shown that something has changed. Now the story works. The new present characters realize that something was changed and someone has to go back and fix it. That person goes back, fixes the change, comes back to the present, and possibly some things are different (butterfly effect) and some of the wrongs of X1-3 and Origins are righted.

But unfortunately, so far, based on the mid-credits scene from the Wolverine and what we've seen online, they aren't going this route, meaning I'm starting to worry about this movie's story.
What about the mid-credits scene or the online stuff makes you think this isn't possible?

It could be that DoFP opens with the timeline already having been altered. We don't have to see the literal change take place, just the characters realizing it.

That's (IIRC) sort of how things went down in Age of Apocalypse. I mean, yes, we as readers saw how things changed and why before the characters. But in the aftermath of those changes none of the characters were aware of it until they ran into Bishop who (for whatever contrived reason they came up) somehow knew that something was "off" and they needed to fix things.

It's all a bit complicated, but it might be a good approach for DoFP, because time travel is typically handled in one of two ways:
1) You can't change the past
2) The "Many Worlds" solution, which is that the time traveler either, a) ends up in an alternate reality, or b) if they change anything, it creates an alternate reality

Neither of those approaches bodes well for a Future X-Men Team attempting to change the past, because in general, physics says they'll be stuck with the same reality no matter what.

But the "The Timeline's already been mucked with and we need to fix it" angle....while it's probably not as plausible in modern physics...has been used before. And there is sort of a logic to it. It's as if the timeline is giving itself a chance to restore itself and resolve the traditional paradoxes associated with time travel.

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