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Default Re: Will this be visited before AOU

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I'd say you're probably right, which is why he was shown at the 1943 expo as "The Synthetic Man" instead of "The Human Torch."

As to the OP, I strongly believe that AoU will derive its roots from the Captain America films rather than the Iron Man ones, with "The Synthetic Man" and Arnim Zola featuring prominently in MCU Ultron's origins.

As to the theory that Coulson might be that synthezoid: interesting possibility, but what's the basis for that hypothesis?
Just my gut. They won't offend us by replacing Phil with a LMD . It's a plausible way to survive the Loki spearing. Also the Torch appearance was there for a reason. Also Phil has always been fairly dry almost emotionless. His Cap fascination is like someone who was there. Plus this look at the Torch picture closely. Notice the short legs, his body proportion is not unlike Clark Gregg. Not saying that was Clark, but the guy in the tube is not 6'3" like marvel says torch was. I know this may be a stretch. But, I believe anything we see in a MCU movie can have a future purpose. There is the reason for the Kevin Feige outline.

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