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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Goddamn Batman View Post
It just doesn't feel right to me, when all the other fantastical elements from the comics are removed. Ra's Al Ghul should really be immortal, Joker should be permawhite, and Bane should use venom. With the "magic" removed, it makes Batman look like Ethan Hunt in a batsuit. You could replace Batman with a guy in a ninja costume and change the names, and it would just be another action thriller.
Horse radish. Another ninja is not shaped by the death of his parents, has a fear of bats, molds his image after a bat, and adopts theatricality and deception methods to scare criminals.

It's like saying you could replace Keaton's Batman with The Punisher, an angry vigilante who kills criminals because he lost his family to crime.

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