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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
I agree with your points, except enough Batman. There's barely any visible Batman in BB. And then again you have worse dialogue, worse action, worse villains in BB as well.

I rate both TDKR and BB the same but for very different reasons. And if for the fun I prefer TDKR.
But BB was an Origin some it's forgivable. There was like a little over half an hour of Batman in TDKR so I'm 70% sure that BB would have more than that!
BB covers alot of what TDKR covers and does them alot better too.

Originally Posted by CharlesConceptz View Post
Im done. Im leaving this website. I promise i will not be spiderman or attempt to be. I have a ral careerr to fulfill. Please don NOT tell anyone about this. I would appreciate if you all kept this a secret.
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