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Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
It's probably Hawkeye. He has the most useless skillset of any Avenger and he'll never get his own solo film. I'd bank on a Black Widow or War Machine film before Hawkeye gets one. Joss is probably going to flesh him out, make him likable and then get him killed by Ultron which will resolve the love triangle with Cap and Black Widow.
Yes, the master assassin who can hit any target with anything & could be used for infiltration missions is completely useless; & said character totally doesn't have a critically acclaimed comic series going on right now that could be used for a movie or show.

As for killing characters off, if Marvel wants the MCU to go on forever like the comics or James Bond, they need to avoid killing characters. If not, then we end up with a MCU with villains & heroes created for the movies because all of the other characters died. At most they should kill Nick Fury in Avengers 2 & Odin in Avengers 3 (by Thanos).

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