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Default Re: Let The Hero Lose.

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
He tackled Dent to prevent him from shooting an innocent child. He never intended for them to role over the edge, it just happened. That is a textbook example of an accidental death. Also, Batman was injured (shot, beaten repeatedly with a pipe, mauled by dogs) and exhausted, so he was desperate.


Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
Joker wanted Gotham to fall and Batman ensured that he didn't get that. Joker also wanted to corrupt Batman and I would argue that doesn't directly happen because Dent's death was unintentional on behalf of Batman. It was a desperate measure that Batman chose after attempting to reason with Dent and a near-blind dive to save the boy's life no matter what. The ultimate irony of the ending of the film is that Batman is compromised and vilified but it's through his own choice to shoulder the blame, which was to prevent the Joker from succeeding.

People act like corrupting Dent was a primary goal of Joker's, when really, corrupting Dent was just one of Joker's numerous plans to turn Gotham into a pessimistic cesspool, which was his ultimate goal.

As you said, Batman is compromised, but that does not mean he lost in TDK.

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