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Default Re: Let The Hero Lose.

Batman only would have lost if Gotham had gotten to see what Joker did to Dent. But they didn't. Batman made a noble sacrifice for Gotham's greater good. Joker's victory over Dent means nothing if the chaos he expected to reap from it was stopped by Batman.

Not to mention he attempted to blow up the ferries after they didn't blow each other up, which Batman stopped. Then he apprehended Joker himself, who had taken over the Gotham underworld at this point. So Gotham's biggest threat was captured by Batman.

Batman won, but he had to make sacrifices and lost a lot, like his reputation as a hero and symbol, and Rachel. Just proving to me why The Joker was Batman's greatest villain in the trilogy. Neither Bane or Ra's hit Batman as hard as Joker did.

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