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Default Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

With Marvel fans spanning the globe as well as decades I would like to know what they feel was the biggest slap in the face of their favorite characters brought to the screen on behalf of Movie Moguls.

For example:

Galalctus being a puff of smoke.

Dead Pool catastrophy

Electra"Nuff said"

Punisher "Nuff said"

Wolverine being 6'3

Venom Disaster

Ghost Rider"Nuff said"

Ghost Rider 2 "Nuff said"

Hulk 1

Hulk 2

Manderine disrespect from Iron man 3

Abomination Rendition from Hulk 2

Aborbing man Zax(Bruce banner's dad)from Hulk 1

Whiplash fiasco from Iron man 2


Please give us your thought on the biggest slap and tell us why?

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