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Default Re: The general Barry Allen vs Wally West thread

In the end they'll be building this character from scratch, and picking and choosing elements that work from all Flashes.

As far as name, if they call the character Barry Allen, Wally West or Jay Garrick is irrelevant to general audience who would not care or know the difference.
The one sway is since they are developing Barry Allen for TV they may just go with that.

As far as character development they will probably want Barry's origin, Wally's origin is moronic, potentially one of the stupidest in comics, Jays is pretty weak too.

They'd probably want Barry's CSI day job too, it's potentially the most interesting.

As for personality; it might depend on which GL they play him off in a possible JL, if its the more tightwad military John Stewart than they can go with the jokey impulsive Wally/Bart amalgam from the cartoon.
If they go with the more reckless cocky Hal Jordan, than they should go with more o.c.d. like focused Barry personality.
What's nice is either one can bring the wide-eyed every-man who from his pov finds himself among "gods" then realizes he is one of them. Although Barry lends himself more to this unassuming pov.

Girlfriend/ love interest, which one had the inquisitive reporter girlfriend? Again they seem pretty interchangeable, It probably doesn't make a difference. Although Iris West having a nephew would help if they did eventually want to introduce a new imitation Flash that way, but that's pretty irrelevant.

It's not like it's set up so he can just leave someone the mask and the cave, or pass along a ring. he's got to "accidentally" get the same fluke powers[LOL]

They really are going to have to rework that crap. Either he's intentionally trying to recreate the event, or he's somehow forced into someone else's experiment. Which they might even use for the first guy.

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