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Default Re: the TIMELINE thread

^ I've been saying exactly what you are. If this is a change to the timeline, since we've never seen the Sentinels that have been around since 1973, then something happened prior to 1973 and affected Trask and society in general or like you say, it could be a totally unrelated parallel universe. The latter is unlikely since the general audience needs to get whats going on, and they wouldn't understand that this reality is different than the ones they've seen in X1-X3, Origins and the Wolverine. Now if instead they showed Nimrod going back in time and attempting to kill the President, forcing mutants to show their powers while trying to stop it, then this would change things. Trask would then devote his energy to anti-mutant things and the government would fund it.

But it might be quite possible that Xavier, Wolverine, Magneto, whomever; doesn't know the specific catalyst that causes the dystopian future, though they could surmise that if they stop the Mark I from being released in 1973 then they would prevent the dystopian future. So yes, in this way they wouldn't stop the anti-mutant threat, but it might be possible that Xavier would be able to have changed the minds of the people if the Sentinels were'nt flying around. In other words, without the Sentinels the mutants could "win". Either Xavier's dream of peaceful coexistense, or Magneto's dream of mutant superiority. They may not know which one would win out, but they do know that with the Sentinels neither of them will win... This would actually be a good thing for them to explain in the movie showing why Xavier and Magneto are willing to work with each other...

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