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Default Re: War Machine Better Be in This One

Originally Posted by droidwarrior View Post
The last thing he did was destroy the suits and walk off into the sunset. Tony without the suit is not Iron Man. He can't shoot repulsors, fly, fire missiles, fight Thor or do any Iron Man stuff as Tony Stark. He can say whatever the hell he wants but without the suit he's not Iron Man
but Iron Mans superpower isn't repulsor blasts or firing missiles, it's his intellect. Tony IS Iron Man. everyone else? just a person in a Iron Man suit.

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
I definitely want to see War Machine, Falcon, and whoever else they have around the time, in the Movie. They definitely don't need a lot of screen time. But if Ultron poses a global threat, I'd definitely like to see them during the action sequences, as they fight off Ultron, and maybe a possible Ultron Army. Maybe buying time for the main Avengers, to stop the real Ultron.
Loki posed a global threat. the Avengers did fine without Rhodey

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