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Default Re: Who thought SM2 was Overrated?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Here's your correction
You are absolutely wrong, and I won't agree with you

MJ was by far at her worst in Spider-Man 3. She tells Peter to tell her he loves her, and then never says it back to him when he does.
I know good women who do that, is that wrong? No
Don't use it as a con
She gets angry at him when he tries to reassure her about the bad review she gets.
She cools down fast, doesn't keep on a fit
She throws him a hateful jealous look when she realizes the crowd outside her theater are clapping for Spidey and not her.
Momentarily frustration does not equal jealousy, sometimes the wrong expression comes out, or it's translated in a wrong way. MJ was not jealous
She doesn't tell Peter she got fired and then gets all upset when she claims he doesn't understand how she feels.
She tried, he never listens
And that moment of "you don't understand how I feel" was before she was told of her replacement

She gets annoyed and jealous that he did the sacred upside down kiss with Gwen for a publicity stunt, but it's ok for her to use the kiss on John Jameson, and that was a private intimate kiss.
A wife kissing her husband is not wrong, doesn't matter the way
MJ and Peter were dating when he kissed Gwen

Should Peter get annoyed every time she kisses a guy in a play?
Yes, a kiss is a kiss, it's planned, and they know of it beforehand
How is that not cheating?

She gives into Harry's pathetic threat and dumps Peter. Harry doesn't threaten her life, or Aunt May's or anyone else's. Just Peter's. She knows first hand Peter is more than able to deal with Harry since she's seen him take on Green Goblin and Doc Ock successfully. Instead of just telling Peter what Harry is doing she breaks Peter's heart instead. What's even worse is that Harry can still try and kill Peter after this anyway.
She knew they fight early in the movie, and didn't want them to fight again
Why is it so hard to see?

She kisses Harry when she's with Peter. She's finally with the guy she's supposed to love and she still ends up kissing another guy anyway.
I told you before, and I'm still saying it, it was a whim of a moment, unplanned, unintentional, it happens cause pheromones were flying and neither wanted it
I'm sorry, but what stops feeling change when it comes to acting?

Awful character in Spider-Man 3. The worst.
Biting on teeth and cooling grudges is obviously worse than breaking a more prominent, more significant promise of sacred matrimony
Ok, I don't see it


It will come, be sure of that

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