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Default Re: William Fitchner IS The Shredder

I HIGHLY doubt they will do a bait and switch ala IM3.

Its as I said before, they'll be doing The Shredder like Christopher Nolan did Ra's Al Ghul and Bane.

In the comics, Ra's Al Ghul was Arabian, however in the film he was British. And he was a member of the centuries old ninja sect, The League of Shadows, and eventually took over when their leader died, even taking on his leader's name.

Nolan's Bane was of an unspecified ethnicity, and when he took over the League of Shadows, he adopted guerilla warfare type tactics, and militarized the entire organization, in the process swapping out traditional ninja weapons for military grade weaponry.

Now the Shredder will borrow from both.

A) Like Ra's, he will be Caucasian or of unknown ethnicity/background and

B) He will have taken over a long existing ninja clan.

C) And like Bane, he will have taken over and militarized the group.

D) Adopting guerilla warfare type tactics and swapping traditional ninja weaponry, for military grade weapons.


E) Like Bane, will be masked for the vast majority of the film.

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