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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5 -

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
You're thinking more about how they can't and not how they can. Having a film set in Wakanda would pretty much answer most of those questions. Not every new character in an Avenger film has to be glossed over like Hawkeye and Widow were, the Maximoffs won't. There's no reason to believe if he's ever in an Avengers film Black Panther would only have 12 minutes of screentime. Obviously he'd have much more than that. :/
The main reason I believe that is because the films are... crowded, and apparently will only become moreso. Someone is only getting twelve minutes of screentime, new guys, especially those being introduced for the first time in a team up movie are the likliest sacrifices.

Yes, a Wakandan adventure would answer the problem for Black Panther, but, that has kind of the same problem as a Hank-Pym Ultron, you make a team up movie about one new less-popular character and it limits the story. A stop/scene in Wakanda could be awesome, an Avengers movie set in Wakanda is just way too limited, in scope and scale, imho.

Because a couple google pings to forums and fansites show the public is just clamoring and lamenting the lack of diversity in their 2 hour superhero ensemble.

I'm not saying they shouldn't obviously but it's not something I would call an issue that they should go out of their way to address.
A couple, a million, Forbes, fansites, potato-potahto. It's not life or death obviously, but it's part of adapting something for modern audiences. I would call it an issue that needs to be addressed, as much as any of the 'minute' things about filmmaking that can take a movie from good to great.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
How is "Stark creates cybernetically implanted Iron Man armor inside his own body; evil AI hacks in and takes over" overcomplicating it? That's a lot more straightforward and easy for audiences to swallow than trying to come up with a logical reason that The Avengers would pool their resources to create a killer robot that even they can't defeat for a government agency they don't even remotely trust.
Creating armor inside of a human body definitely sounds complicated, it sounds physically impossible...and what makes AI evil... isn't AI by definition utterly logical and morally void? It sounds like you want Hal and Frankenstein a great deal.

Why would anyone come up with a logical reason for your personal assumptions? "The Avengers create Ultron" could be a dozen different things from Thor pushing JARVIS past his limits to Cap turning over Tony's armory to SHIELD. The point of Ultron is that he's not intentional, but he is borne entirely out of the hero(es)'s well intentioned actions. That's why he works, that's why him being upset is so right.

An Ultron who bad guys or supporting characters have the heaviest hand in lacks all the emotional power of Ultron. Just because it's not Hank Pym doesn't mean you should ignore what makes the story great.

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