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Default Re: When did you first discover the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ?

I soaked it up through osmosis from my older brother. I was born during the tale end of 89 so I grew up with my brothers toys and adopted much of his love for cartoons and toys. I don't know what came first: The figures, the cartoon or the movie but they were always one of my major loves as a child. I used to play the VHS copy of the 90 film constantly to my mothers annoyance. The re-runs of the 80s cartoon were a staple of my TV diet along with Power Rangers, Rugrats, other Nickelodeon shows and The Real Ghostbusters (another love passed down from my big brother).

Like a lot of things from childhood, the Turtles fell to the wayside as I grew older but my love for them was revamped when the 07 film came along (totes underrated. Wish we got a sequel). When I saw it on DVD I started revisiting the 80s cartoon, started watching the 2K3 series, rediscovered my love for the first two live action films and eventually read the original comics.

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