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Default Re: the TIMELINE thread

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
^ Why would it be the "Juggernaut shouldn't have even been a mutant" that caused you to stop (although I suspect you kept reading). You do know that his power was supposed to be mystical, right? Anyway, back to the point...

What exactly are you basing your statement of "viral marketing which aren't actual plot aspects of the film"? From everything we have been shown what is on the Trask-Industries website is supposed to be factual per the movie. I mean, if there have been 8 thousand robots flying between 1973 and 1996, wouldn't we have seen that at some point in X1 through X3, or Origins? Isn't that a fair question?

The website indicates that "Trask Laboratories unveils groundbreaking ability to create a hybrid gene with mutant DNA" in 2013 and "Trask Industries announces Sentinel Mark X program" in 2020. You don't think this is going to be part of the movie? Why put it on the "viral marketing" site if it wasn't going to be actual plot points?

You are saying that Xavier and Magneto have gone out of their way to find Wolvie to just "fight against the now growing Sentinel threat". Why do they need Wolverine specifically? And haven't we already established that this "growing threat" has been in place for the past what, 40 years? Which is it, either there have been 8000 robots flying around since 1996, or it's a new threat?

So you're saying the movie is going to be that Wolvie and the X-Men have been effectively at war with these robots that have been around since the 70's that we have never seen, are losing this war, and decide to send Wolvie back to 1973 to stop them from ever happening?

I hope that that is not the story. I will be very disappointed and you should be too. That would mean that Singer would be expecting us to believe that these Sentinals have been around all of this time and we've never seen them. That is what would be ridiculous!
I know Juggernaut's origins. It has no place in the movies. Making Juggernaut a mutant was a much better choice for the movie.

Why wouldn't they track down Logan? He's virtually invincible. Logan would be a great weapon to have against Sentinels.

I'm not saying Wolverine and the X-Men have been at war against Sentinels since 1973. I'm saying that Sentinels were kept in secret since 1973, and didn't become an open weapon against mutants until 2013 and beyond. The ending of The Wolverine, and the time period of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, is 7-8 years apart. X-Men: Days Of Future Past is confirmed to take place 10 years after X-Men: The Last Stand, and the end credits scene of The Wolverine takes place 2 years after the events in Japan, which arguably takes place a year after X-Men: The Last Stand due to comments made by Yukio ("I've been tracking you for a year").

Somewhere following the events of X-Men: The Last Stand and the end credits scene of The Wolverine, Sentinels became publicly accepted and publicly marketed. The advertisement in the airport shows that Trask Industries and the Sentinel project are now public, when they obviously weren't before. So in the 3 year time span between the end of X-Men: The Last Stand and the end credits scene of The Wolverine, Sentinels became public. And in the 7-8 years following the end credits scene of The Wolverine, Sentinels become a threat not just to mutants, but to the world as a whole, causing the apocalyptic future that Logan is sent back in time to prevent.

Now, when these events happened post X-Men: The Last Stand / pre-The Wolverine, and continue on beyond The Wolverine, but Logan is sent back to 1973 instead, is yet to be determined WHY this happens. But I think it's safe to say that, despite viral marketing that has Sentinels at Reagan's inauguration, as well as other various historic events, that Sentinels won't have been walking the streets since 1973.

And even if they were, it is very possible that the Sentinels were thought to be destroyed prior to the events of the main trilogy, which is why they weren't running around in X-Men 1 - 3, and also explain why Xavier had a Sentinel Danger Room simulation.

And perhaps that's why Logan is sent back to 1973, to stop the Sentinel program before it starts, whereas in the original timeline, Sentinels were thought to be destroyed, but the technology instead remained, and Trask Industries was able to redevelop Sentinels following the events of the main trilogy. But if Logan is sent back to 1973, and the early days of Trask Industries, the Sentinels can be destroyed before they were ever created, destroying the technology and preventing them from being created again in the future, thus preventing the apocalyptic future from ever happening.

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