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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Yeah it sucks pretty bad. My idea for a portion of the finale.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Batman is fighting hard with a huge muscular man- but he's getting his a** kicked. Batman, having been dominant in every other part of the movie, is being thrown around.

BATMAN- "You can't win, Corben!"

He manages to latch on to Corben's arm, and twists to break it. But nothing happens- their is a ripping noise. Corben manages to jerk his arm, sending Batman flying. He looks down in his hands, and is shocked to see he's holding the skin of Corben's arm.

"What the-"

He's cut off by a han lifting him up- not just a regular hand, a metallic one.

"I a Metallo, built to destroy Superman. You are an annoyance, and will be destroyed."

CUT TO- The skies of Metropolis; Superman is being tossed around by Lex Luthor, who is encased in armor, the knuckles embedded with Kryptonite.

"You know, Clark..." Lex begins, his next punch busting Superman's lip. "I think it's about time we ended this."

Lex presses a button on his forearm, and a shiny silver blade, its wickedly sharp tip made of Kryptonite, ejects. He raises his arm, prepared for the killing strike.

"You are right Lex.... it is time we ended this!" says Clark, using the last of his strength to stab his fingers into the sides of the green armor, and push down, their descent beginning.....

CUT TO- Batman is still being beaten by Metallo.

Metallo grasps the top of Batman's head and his throat. He is about to snap the Bat's neck, when suddenly...

THE BATWING swoops in, guns blazing. Metallo's grip loosens, and the robot falls to the ground. Batman stands up, spitting our blood.

"A little late Alfred."

"Sorry, Master Wayne.... you are all the way in Metropolis."

Batman smirks. "Thanks nonetheless."

CUT TO- The Metropolis beach. Lex and Superman crash in, throwing up huge amounts of sand.

Superman is facedown in the crater, breathing heavily, his eyes fluttering.

Lex is a few feet away, the green Kryptonite core blinking, powering down.
Much to the Man of Steel's horror, Lex rises, slowly, but with determination. The Kryptonite bade is still out, and Luthor is about to drive it into the Kryptonian's heart.

A huge boom erupts, and Lex is pushed back, over the water, until finally falling under, far away.

"The deal's off, Baldy." Says a voice- sinister, dark, but with a tinge of humor. A horrible laugh sounds off. Still one more obstacle left.

The Joker picks up the Kryptonite blade which laid amidst the wrecked pieces of armor Lex had left behind.

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