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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5 -

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post

Creating armor inside of a human body definitely sounds complicated, it sounds physically impossible...and what makes AI evil... isn't AI by definition utterly logical and morally void? It sounds like you want Hal and Frankenstein a great deal.
Almost everything in the superhero genre is physically impossible. Does suspension of disbelief miraculously vanish when you invent cybernetic armor? Besides, that's one of Tony's most popular and recognizable armors, and one that's transparently and inevitably obvious after the events of IM3 --- i.e., Extremis Armor.

As to whether or not an AI can become "evil" --- that's been the subject of a lot of science fiction, and could/would/should certainly be explored in a movie about Ultron.

Why would anyone come up with a logical reason for your personal assumptions? "The Avengers create Ultron" could be a dozen different things from Thor pushing JARVIS past his limits to Cap turning over Tony's armory to SHIELD. The point of Ultron is that he's not intentional, but he is borne entirely out of the hero(es)'s well intentioned actions. That's why he works, that's why him being upset is so right.

An Ultron who bad guys or supporting characters have the heaviest hand in lacks all the emotional power of Ultron. Just because it's not Hank Pym doesn't mean you should ignore what makes the story great.
Granted; but making The Avengers look like a bunch of ****-ups doesn't lend emotional weight to the story, either ---- it just makes the heroes look like a bunch of ****-ups. "Ultron is YOUR problem, Avengers --- now fix it." Meanwhile, god only knows how many people have to die and how much property gets destroyed because our heroes accidentally (or worse: intentionally) created a monster. No amount of PR can restore public faith in The Avengers after something like that.


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