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Default Re: What about the comics?

^ Yeah that place is pretty legit. Been lurking there on and off for over 10 years & recently saw some familiar & intelligent posters who used to frequent the hype are now posting or modding over there. I never did create an account there though funnily enough.

Anyway I'm enjoying Zero Year. It's actually what got me buying the flagship book again after dropping it due to great disappointment in both Night of the Owls and especially Death of the Family. Snyder now seems to be fine tuning a lot of the flaws he had on those arcs in the new one though. The pacing is more crisp and the dialogue less hackneyed. I particularly really like the way he's writing Edward Nygma and Red Hood #1.

I enjoy comic book adaptations but I'm a comic book fan first and foremost. Not a comic book movie fan.
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