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Default Re: Post iconic/memorable scenes you would like to see adapted for Batman vs. Superma

Originally Posted by Eddie Dean View Post
I know where you got a few of the previous snippets from, but I dearly hope you can post the titles of all these treasures. Because I really, really want to know where this one, and the one where Clark is being all weepy came from.

Originally Posted by samsnee View Post
A giant bird pooped on his head?
Heeee. But no. But it does involve something giant....

Originally Posted by TheNextNolan22 View Post
There are only two scenes I want in this film.


YES!!!!!!!!!! At least a Batman/Superman hug. I looooooooooved that last one. I lol'd so hard when I saw that episode. -giggles forever-

How about this one?

I like the Batsweater. Super adorbs. We definitely need to see that!

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