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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II - Part 1

Originally Posted by HamBone View Post
With the information we've gotten on BW's role verses Sharon's role, it makes me think they're not completely committed to making Sharon his main love interest for the the MCU. Not just this movie but any sequels etc. And I wonder if that is due to the nature of the relationship being she's the niece of his lost love.

I have friends who aren't comic fans but enjoy the Marvel films and when explaining Sharon and Steve to them, the general feeling from them is that they think its bizarre. Maybe there's a similar feeling with TPTB at Marvel Studios and they've decided to see if the general audience accepts it. Of course ultimately the studio will do what it wants and it may not matter what anyone else thinks.

And as for the kiss. I see everyone talking about the possible context but the fact is that the writers and whoever else decided that BW/Steve would share a least 1 kiss. And regardless of the context if your male and female lead share a kiss in a movie it usually means something.
If you define her as being his old girlfriend's niece, then yeah, people are going to be wierded out. But that's not the way it would work in depiction, the story if done well could show why Steve would be attracted to Sharon and that her familial relationship is largely irrelevant. The audience would be a lot more forgiving then.

But I would agree that Marvel aren't really committed to Sharon.

I think the problem is that Sharon and Natasha are fairly similar in their skillsets. Furthermore, everything the writers said about Steve and Natasha indicates they're doing it in a manner similar to how Steve and Sharon's dynamic is depicted in the comics, but allegedly platonic.

So the problem is, when it comes time for future movies, Sharon will come off as redundant. I don't doubt that there is currently an intention to build Sharon into a leading lady in the future, but Marvel has set up storylines that failed to materialize before.

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