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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

My opinion.

Luthor salvages the damaged genesis chamber from the crashed scoutship and
creates Bizarro ( an imperfect Superman clone). Someone else suggested that Lex also creates Kryptonite (also from salvaged Kryptonian tech) so he has a perfect weapon to deal with his creation, and keep him in line.

As Bizarro is a Superman clone, he has a degree of Superman's memories, which could lead to great scenes with both Diane Lane and Amy Adams, having
to cope with a creature who thinks he's Clark.

Also, Bizarro as a villain means that epic fist-fights are possible, and Supes has to re-live the choice he made with Zod, except maybe this time Bizarro
actually destroys himself (possibly self-sacrifice, as he has some of Supes' better qualities too -possibly to protect Supes from Kryptonite or to protect Lois, Ma Kent or some other important character).

Regardless, I see a lot of story possibilities for Bizarro, and his origin story would easily fit within the continuity of the first film.

So there's my pitch for Bizarro ! Are you listening Goyer ?


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