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Default Re: 14 Ways to Make Iron Man 4 Better than Iron Man 3

Originally Posted by kaijunexus View Post
As far as the Mandarin goes...

I'd have it revealed that the Mandarin didn't die in the explosion at the end of IM3, but the husk of body that survived was slowly rebuilt by Extremis. He realizes that he must bide his time and gather his resources.

Slowly, but surely, he amasses a wealth of technology...much of it alien in origin. Trevor's guise being Killian's idea in the first place, he comes to don the green dragon robe that inspired so much fear in those televised threats. He also decides to adopt the rings, but infuses them with some of the alien tech that he reversed engineered (perhaps they aren't just simple rings, but more like techno-brass knuckles with wires running from them up his arm and then under his skin, powered by his Extremis energy). He wants to the world to know that the threat of the Mandarin was no hoax perpetrated by a drunken is very real and very dangerous.

Then he would seek out Tony to finish the fight he started.
This actually works quite well.

I think Iron Man 3 basically failed to make an excited villain out of Killian while both the character and the actor playing him showed a lot of promises. I have no problem with the twist, no problem with Trevor being a decoy, I even think it's a thoughtfull take on an uninteresting, superficial, cheesy villain, but Killian just ends up being not only a bland version of the Mandarin but a forgettable antagonist all in all.

Your ideas could help make him a bigger threat without resorting to cheap retcons.

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