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Default Re: The Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Merchandise

I can't see any reason any true X-men fan would defend how disney has treated X-Men since they bought marvel.Origins was promated by marvel.

I doudt very much you will ever see another X-Men animated show since that would mean kids would become aware of X-Men.

And look at crap put out since disney bought them?Avengers assemble.Ultimate Spider-man.avengers:earth mightest heroes was written and was worked on well before the sale.When It happened jeph loeb was later brough on and during second season the stories moved away from serialization.Josh Keaton who did voice of spider-man on Spectucalar spider-man originaly recorded voice for a spider-man appearance only they scrapped it.Avenger:earth's mightest heroes was popular with fans and it already had some influence from Iron Man films but it was canned so they could do show more copy of films.And I seriously doudt disney would allow marvel to do animated show of wolverine
and the X-Men quality.

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