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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Much of this thread has been fan nitpicks over what ultimately is minor stuff or necessary alterations but that doesn't mean all of them are invalid.

Just to show how arbitrary it is I'll even post what I think was a slap compared to what wasn't.

Venom may have had to be changed but why a scrawny guy like Topher Grace?
The Mandarin who I have no care for either way was turned into a literal figurehead for another villain and deprived of real status.
Elektra was just a waste. No one should have done that movie.
Deadpool was another waste of a character.
Galactus is a cloud?
The first Hulk movie was ridiculous and over the top.
The second Hulk movie is so-so and I can see how some people are insulted by it.
Same for the Punisher movies. They weren't dark enough or characterized right.
Dr. Doom was boring.
Juggernaut was insulting (both as the character and the portrayl).
The Fantastic Four sequel was just a petty cash-grab/rights holder and it showed.
Storm was a waste too. Though I think this is part of a bigger problem of too many characters in one movie.
I'll throw in Emo Parker too from Spider-Man 3. It's related to the Venom symbiote and pretty much everything done with/to Venom was a mess compared to what he should have been.
X-Men 3's throwing away of characters was the biggest waste of all with potential future characters killed for a pointless massacre scene.

Not Slaps (but sometmes still insulting or stupid):
Cyclops was a dick move but it wasn't a slap in the face. His death was the result of (blatant) studio interference, which a lot of these slaps or semi-slaps are.
Wolverine's height is irrelevant to the character overall but a disappointment.
Whiplash may not be a top tier villian but he wasn't the worst part of Ironman 2 either.
The Ghost Rider films as terrible as many think they were are still not a slap in the face. They just didn't succeed well.
Daredevil is a lesser terrible film but still not a slap. I think a lot of that hate is on Affleck, even from back then.
Fantastic Four stumbled and tried but it wasn't slapping either.
Wolverine is among the most popular/well recognized of the X-Men so it's natural he'll be prominent although I won't disagree he was too prominent, it's still not a slap to the face.
Mystique as a younger woman being talkative does not make for a continuity error when later as an older adult she's quieter and more reserved. Something could have happened to change her between the two eras.

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