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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
Good. So it works like XB gamertag.

Did you restart only because you had to change your name? How much gameplay is a level 15? Any idea how much gamerscore that might be equivalent to? At least you would easily complete all those games you'd played before. My friend with over 100k gamerscore restarted so he could get 100% on all his games and he's already got 60% of it back in half the time.
Yeah, just to change my name. At this point I care more about having a nice list of games completed attached to my account than the trophy level, but it still sucked giving up all that time I had put in.

It looks like these are the trophy point values:
Bronze - 15
Silver - 30
Gold - 90
Platinum - 180

Level 9 requires 10000 points, and level 15 requires 40000 points.

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