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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by StrainedEyes View Post
Yeah, just to change my name. At this point I care more about having a nice list of games completed attached to my account than the trophy level, but it still sucked giving up all that time I had put in.

It looks like these are the trophy point values:
Bronze - 15
Silver - 30
Gold - 90
Platinum - 180

Level 9 requires 10000 points, and level 15 requires 40000 points.
So that's a fair amount of gameplay! I have quite a few friends who seem to care more about 100%ing/Platinuming than accumulating overall score/level. I just want to play as many games as possible, 100% what I can (definitely care & try hard for my favourite games) and otherwise not bothered. Main thing is I want to finish the campaign on every game of any significance.

Edit: So back to the earlier point, did you replay games you'd completed on the old account? Should definitely take advantage of that!

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