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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post

It started with someone comparing Thanos to Thor. So I talked earlier about Thanos strength before he ever got risen from the dead or became one with the cube because that´s when Thor might have beeb able to take him. And also at this point he hasn´t fought Odin. At that point he only has the cybernetic enchancement that I haven´t been able to find details about but I do know EON boosted Captain Marvel and some others fought Thanos at this point so that´s is my referece to why I still think he beats Thor even before he got risen from the dead. That ressurected Thanos isn´t comparable to Thor IMO.

Anyway that pic I showed you is from my old Captain america v1 colection and at that point Thanos has been introduced 4-5 in the Marvel comics, ever.

MY point is as I said earlier is that I think Thanos was born naturally weaker than Thor, see # 69. But as I said in #58, Thanos was always a lot smarter. We could see that when Moondragon explains to Daredevil about her origin. At one flashback we see all the kids playing and Thanos just standing there with his hands behind his back observing the situation. Anyways, smart as he was, he enchanced himself to become stronger than the likes of Thor. Or atleast he seems to be from the old comics.

And for those of you that still, after having pictures with text clearly showing that the Olympians are related to the Eternals or titans, I don´t know what more I can do. I haven´t read all there is out there. And a lot of comics might be totally different. But I brought this up becuase at this point in time when Captain Marvel was in release of V1, the same time as the Thanos I am comparing was active, at that time, Zeus was the brother of Mentor and he took the throne of olympus. I don´t know about what´s true or not, at this point someone wrote it like this (see links in #69) and if I haven´t read anything else that as clearly shows this origin of Zeus/Mentor, how can I know? Everything I present is legit (imo ofc).
They're not related. This link will help you to clear this confusion:

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