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Default Re: the TIMELINE thread

I just can't understand how some feel that we should just discount a whole website that has been set up for the sole purpose of promoting this movie. They created this Trask website to give us some information about what is in the movie, so shouldn't we take what's on that site at face value? This site is not a red herring, it's a promotional piece to give us information.

In this movie Trask Industries has been around since the early 60's, developed and released their first Sentinel in 1973, which just so happens to be the year Wolverine is sent back to, also created other anti-mutant technology (Collar, tracking), so these will likely be in the film, created a hybrid gene with mutant DNA in 2013 and then releases the new Mark X in 2020.

Look, there have been almost 9 thousand anti-mutant robots out there, so there's just no way that these have been secret. Even though production seems to have stopped in 1996 (was that then the cure happened?) Trask Industries was still going strong, so this idea of everyone knowing about this, but never saying anything, doesn't make any sense.

If they wanted us to believe that no one really knows about these 9000 Sentinels, then they wouldn't have made it where there have been 9000 Sentinels released! They would have written the movie where just now the Sentinals are becoming an issue, not that they have been around for the past 40 years!!!

In my opinion, the Trask website should be looked at as a great opportunity for us to try to figure some things out, like Farren is doing above.

The Trask history of 1973, 2013 and 2020 should be huge pieces of evidence since we expect some of these dates to be part of this movie. Since the Trask site shows that the first Sentinel was released in 1973, and that's when Wolverine is being sent back to, then doesn't it make sense it's to stop the release of the Sentinals? Yes, you and I would say "Stupid, go back to 1970 and stop the Sentinels" or, "Stupid, go back to 1962 and stop Trask from creating Trask Industries", but hey, for the general audience 1973 makes sense.

Also the reason it will be Wolverine going back is because in 1973 Wolvie is alive and well. Most of the other X-men would be too young. Maybe they could have gone with Beast, but likely he's too busy up there in Washington. I suspect that the process of sending Wolvie's mind back will require both Xavier (mind powers) and Magneto (either protecting Xavier or magentic powers) to work; so they couldn't go back.

Now the hibernative maintenance stasis mode means something. There has to be a reason why it was included on the site!

Now, as far as timeline stories go, people often forget that when you have a time loop story (like Terminator) it wasn't always that way. What I mean is this...

In Terminator the machines took over, man fought, and the machines sent a Terminator back in time to stop the birth of the leader. Man sent one of their own back to stop the Terminator. But the man they sent back turns out to be the father of the leader that the machines were trying to stop.

This scenerio is actually impossible, and let me explain why...

The very first time the timeline played out there couldn't have been a John Connor. Sarah only became what she was because of the Terminator and without the Terminator going back to kill John he never would have been born. In other words, in the very first interation of this timeline there couldn't have been a John Connors so the Terminator was never sent back so John was never born. So effectively the whole premise of Terminator is impossible!!!

Am I making anyone's brain hurt?

In the Terminator it's the one timeline method that they try to use.

Now what's good is that the X-Men universe has never created an impossible timeline situation like what you have in Terminator. See in DOFP and any other timeline X-story, it's something changing the past to create a new future. In Terminator it was the future, crating a new past, which creates the future which counldn't have happened without itself. Just doesn't work!

Makes much more sense to take a robot like Nimrod and have it send itself back to change the past which changes the future.

My point is that in any timeline story (like Looper for example) you have the first timeline (the original) where things played out as normal, then you have something from the future change the past that creates either a new reality or changes the existing one. If it's a new reality then the question is whether the original ceases to exist or just keeps on trucking on. Personally I have always liked the stories that has something from the future go back in time and change the past and boom, everything alters around those in the present at the time when the things goes back in time, showing the readers/audience that you have a whole new reality because of the change made to the past!

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