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Default Re: James Spader is Ultron!

Originally Posted by random_havoc View Post
He's amazing. I think he'll do a great job
I agree!

After this awesome news, it's all about waiting to see who they're going to get to play Thanos in GotG.

Originally Posted by cph9fa View Post
TBH, I only know him as the original Daniel Jackson. Didn't know what else he was in. Would not have expected this at all.

Funny, though, because I was just idly wondering the other day what kind of character Michael Shanks (who took over the character of Jackson in SG-1) would play if he were ever cast in the MCU.
He's also in Boston Legal alongside William Shatner and he was recently in Lincoln.

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
Print this post and put it in a safe place....years from now pull it out and read it.......the sound of the face palming that ensues will shatter glass with it's power.
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