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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
So there has been som interesting things brought up.

1. Odin is in the same league as Galactus but he isn´t as powerful. As someone said, Odin´s powers fluctuates and so does Galactus (if he misses his galactic mealtime). So I guess they are even enough to challange eachother but IMO Galactus is generally stronger. Also, raw power isn´t everythign in a fight.

2. The hand being cut off and Thor´s destroyer looking like arm in the recent 11 issue of Thor, yeah that would be awesome. Jaqua, I also thought about that when I first saw King Thor´s arm. I think it´s a little early to cut his arm so maybe it was a vision of when Thanos (TA 3) or Surtur (Thor 3) cuts it?

3. I´ve read a lot Thanos recently and his powers are crazy. If we just compare their physical power, Thor does stand a small chance. But Thanos is all about knowledge so he would win.

See, Thanos before draining the cosmic cube or getting powers from Miss Death is extremely strong. This is partly because he was born strong but also because of his cybernetic enchancements that I don´t know any details of. We know that the cosmic entity Chronos once was a being walking around casually. Olympus was at war. It was Chronos and Oceanus that fought a dude called Uranus who was a mmad titan warrior. Anyways Chronos had 2 sons. Zeus and the Mentor. Zeus embraced the way of the old titans as a warrior whilst The Mentor was like Kronos (all about peace, Chronos swore to never use violence after the war against Uranus killed so many). One peaceful experimenting day one of the cosmic cubes exploaded and blasted Chronos with it but he was so strong that he didn´t die so he merged with the universe. Anyway, somehow Zeus took Chronos throne of Olympus and The Mentor was cast out and went to titan where war had destroyed the place but one woman had survived. Together they rebuilt Titan with the peaceful ways of Chronos. The Mentor and his son Eros kept the peace going for along time but his other Son Thanos as you might guess, inherited the war side of the family.

It´s not exact science but in my book Thor Odinson was born naturally stronger than Thanos but he wasn´t as intelligent, but still more powerful. Thanos, son of the brother of Zeus, should be weaker since the likes of Herc are weaker than Thor (correct me if I am wrong). Thanos intellect allowed him to enhance himself so that when we first see him in IM (50 something I think) with the blood brothers he is already stronger than Thor. I am thinking about Thanos fight with the EON boosted Captain Marvel.
Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
^Fair enough conjecture, Mightyally; but Thanos is also a Deviant. Meaning he doesn't inherit the same genetics as Mentor, his father. He evolved into something much more powerful than his "normal" Eternal brother Eros.
Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
I would use the word old but yeah fair enough

I never meant that Asgardians had anything to do with relations.

Skyfathers: Odin > Zeus right?
Skyfather´s son: Odin -> Thor
Weaker skyfather´s son:Zeus -> Herc
=> Thor > Herc in terms of powers, right?
Weaker skyfathers brothers son: Zeus = The Mentor -> Thanos.

So that´s why Thanos should be weaker than Thor. These are just estimations. I say both sons of Chronos are equal but that´s no exact science.
There aren´t any proof that just because Zeus is weaker than Odin, Herc must be weaker than Thor but I think like that. That´s what I meant with "in my book".

Thor has no relation to Thanos, Herc and Thanos do however. That is ofc if this is legit. (Thought I threw it away but I found it)

Here are links to the picture below if you want to read the text or just a better look of it.
Page 1:
Page 2:

I´ll try to catch up tomorrow. I´m 6h ahead U.S time so it R tiem for bed
Don't know man. Not too sure what you are saying. Are you saying that before Thanos got his power ups from death he was weaker than Thor?

After the recon in Thanos rising, he has augmented his powers, and not too sure if they said anything about his strength. But it doesn't matter, Thanos has always been physically superior to Thor, I would say. Regardless of how he was born, it doesn't matter. He was stronger than Thor back when he first left Titan probably.

One of his first appearances he fought with Drax, physically, the planet they were on was destroyed as collateral.

Thanos' weapon is his mind, sure, his durability, sure. But that's a misconception about him, that his mind is his only weapon. Even without his intellect, he is still physically strong enough and powerful enough at this point to dominate the likes of Thor..Thanos is a smart guy. Yeah. But there's so much about how he gains power over the years, it's tough to say how he was born. Thor was born with mythical powers. Thanos was not. But from what I remember, he was always physically superior to most characters, before any of his death upgrades.

Originally Posted by Thor Odinson View Post
Sorry if I sounded like a broken record in those posts.

Oh, and Odin is the top skyfather. He had feats, in his best days, that were comparable to anything that beings like Galactus have ever done (he destroyed a galaxy effortlessly once). Zeus doesn't have comparable showings so far.
Pretty sure that galaxy was destroyed as collateral with his battle with an abstract being. I wouldn't fully say he destroyed the galaxy fully under his own power. I don't doubt he could, Surtur has, and they are equals.

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