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Default Re: Best Comic Book movie of the summer?

I voted for the Wolverine. Haven't seen IM3 yet (will see it tomorrow) but I doubt it will change my ranking.

I liked how Logan was portrayed, I liked the more serious narrative, I liked Japan as the location and Fukushima/Okamoto/Sanada were casted wonderfully. I can probably even get used to the last act. It felt like a movie that was crafted with love and skill, not like an excuse to make some money out of the character.

It's hard to say (mutants aside) what that movie reminds me of, it feels like...using laymen terms, movie magic. So many scenes and moments that I loved to watch, so many of them very different in many ways and yet blended in with eachother. There's just something I love about Mangold's style. Wolverine made me a little fanboy of his, although I already liked some of his past work a lot.

I recognize there are flaws, and I clearly see what I don't like about the film, but seldom have I forgiven flaws or shortcomings with such ease. I'm pretty excited for the extended, more violent blu-ray. Before Wolverine, X2 and X1 were my favorite X-men films. Although this wasn't an X-men movie, I'd rate it right behind X2. The more I think about this movie, the more I appreciate it.

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