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Originally Posted by Primal Slayer View Post
I LOVED that Superman was poisoned by someone implanting a piece of kryptonite in his body, been waiting for someone to be smart enough to do it that way or just infect him with enough kryptonite to weaken him.
Morrison did it first (Action Comics) bwahahaha.

I do wonder what Hal's role in this would be in the long run. It seems like Sinestro is the one that's going to take on Power Ring (and I hope he completely destroys him and burns him into ashes) so where does that leave GL?

I'm also really looking forward to Lex Vs. Ultra Man. Finally a Superman that Luthor could actually kill. I hope he makes it a slow and painful death because Ultra Man is such an evil bastard and doesn't deserved any less.

So I'm guessing since it seems that the JL's will be teleported and stranded on Earth 3 the reason Nightwing has been said to be very important to FE is because he will don the cape and cowl once again? that the Batman we've seen fighting alongside Lex in the promo images is really Dick?

I do wonder who the prisoner with the burlap sack was though. I don't think it's Alexander Luthor. It could possibly be a good guy Earth 3 Joker since he had a similar frame. Could this Joker had poisoned Earth 3 Alfred back on Earth 3? is this why The Outsider is insanely pale and always randomly going "HA!"? Is this why he was like "if only The Joker could see me now?"?

So many questions still lingering. Good thing answers will start coming in in just one week. BTW how stupid did Pandora look in the end of all this? lmao I was really laughing at how irrelevant the trinity of sin really was to all this. Here's hoping they actually have something purposeful to do in Forever Evil.

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