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Default Re: The general Barry Allen vs Wally West thread

I wrote this a while back. Pls don´t cut me in half but what IF they did this, would you approve?

We go back in time to when Flash = Barry Allen, he is like the first superhero, much like cap in WW2. We get the origin of his powers, some mission/action, what he does for a living and how famous he was etc.
Then the Kid Flash W.W comes along and we learn some about him and get the dynamic between the 2.

In the end, Barry actually dies (of a wound beyond healing) and gives the mask to W.W

W.W: "I need to take you to the hospital"
B.A: "Nah #cough#...You aren´t gonna out run this one kid. The only thing running out today is me. You can´t beat me today Wally."
W.W "If I only was faster I could have prevented all this"
B.A "Nah it´s not your fault kid. It´s not about always being first you know, it´s about being there, making a difference. As we did today. Now comes the time for you to make that difference." #hands over his mask#
W.W: But I can´t do it alone!"
B.A: "You´ll not have to"
W.W "What do you mean Barry, who do yo..?"
B.A:#Nothing# (dead)

After that we see him at home packing away Barry´s old suit. Suddenly he drops it next his own on the bed.
He silently stands still and we can see Barry´s suit now lying next to his own Kid-Flash one. We hear the TV for a while, nothing special though.
W.W looks outside with an empty look at the world. The sun is shining through the glass and some kids are playing just outside.

TV: "Breaking News!" A robber on Highway 43 is currently endangering the lives of..."

#Shwoosh# W.W is gone, leaving only the Kid Flash suit on the bed. Before you know it the credits start roling down.

In the after credit scene we could see MoS and/or Batman looking at the TV. Then we hear "Breaking News! A robber on Highway 43 is currently endangering the lives of hundreds as he" and on the screen we actually see Wally stoping the robber. Then we see MoS and Batman smile at the same time in the reflection of the TV glass.

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