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Default Re: The Batman Reboot JOKER Casting Thread

I don't entirely mind a deep voiced joker. jack Nicholson didn't change his voice when he played the role and he kicked ass, and I actually loved john DiMaggio's voice work in under the red hood. I just don't want a joker with a "normal " sounding voice, which is probably the only problem I have with Anthony misiano in the batman chronicles fan series teaser...

the way I personally always pictured the joker's voice in my head is kind of like a mix between peter stormare as the devil in Constantine, with a little bit of mike patton esque moments sprinkled in there. so at times it sounds more high pitched or nasally, and other times deep and scary as hell. it goes up and down, kinda like if heath's voice and Hamill's voice fused together. idunno, i'd have to try and do a voice recording of me reading off lines in a comic book doing the voice the way I picture it in my head in order for it to make sense lol. if only they'd get mike patton to voice act in an animated movie as the joker . lol

i'm also probably the only one who could see peter stormare as the joker too. he even wears a TDKR esque all white suit in Constantine. if they wanted an older joker and if he played it at all like the way he plays satan, he'd be great IMHO.

i'm also really liking the idea of Robert knepper . so that's 2 prison break actors who'd be awesome in the role. lol

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